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The Passerby Perspective

What do people think about Busking?

As the Summer Olympics 2012 approach fast, the streets of London will be filled with people from all over the world. They will have the chance to be exposed to world of busking as they ride the tubes from location to location around London. But before they arrive, it’s important to know what people already in London feel about the busking that goes on in London’s Underground Transportation System.



In a recent interview, one woman said:

I love them. They make my daily mundane routine more amusing because I’m exposed to something I’m not expecting. They’re quite different from the music I normally listen to. For example, who would have thought that I can just hop right of the tube and hear a harpist playing his music? And the harp is not something you seen people on the streets playing on a daily basis.”

In another interview, a young man said:

It’s literally something that I never really thought about or noticed. Of course I noticed them before when I first started riding the tube but then I stopped noticing after a while. They’re always there. They great musicians.”

Finally, in one interview with a visiting couple from the US:

“It reminds me of home. I see people playing music all the time. When I get off BART –our underground transportation system– we hear people playing music before we even get to the top of the escalators. They’re good back home but it’s different here.”

With so many people from all over the world coming to the streets of London, the busking world will be more and more exposed as the harpist and so many other musicians get the exposure they’ve been waiting for.


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