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A Thing About Busking

What’s Happening to Busking?

While many are either watching Euro 2012 matches between European countries or following the status of Greece and their position in the EU, changesSince the beginning of the underground transportation system, busking has given the people of London a chance to hear music of all sorts. However, a few years ago, busking has become a highly regulated system in which performers now have their musical opportunities limited. Below is a video about the real life of busking and what really goes on in the lives of the buskers: 

From past to present, busking has been able to exist despite how regulated it has become. With over 300 people trying to get into the underground transportation world, busking has become a lot harder and a lot more stressful than it has been, leaving more and more people lacking the motivation to carry on a legacy that has been around since the beginning.


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