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Who to Follow with Music

Top Twitter Music Tweeters:

With so many artists using Twitter to keep in touch with their fans has definitely strengthened the engagement process. But when it comes to finding out information about the London Music scene, Twitter can help with that, too. Here’s a list of my favorite Twitter accounts I follow to make sure I’m in the know of London Music:

1. London Music News (@LDNmusic): Providing all the latest news, reviews and gossip from the London music scene.

2. London Music Hall (@londonmusichall): Being able to follow a venue that has held so many different events with so many famous artists, why wouldn’t you want to know who’s going to be performing there next? With artists like NOFX, Afrojack, J. Cole and so many more having had performed here, it’s my way of getting to see who’s next up!

3. Time Out Music (@TimeOutMusic):  First of all, they have an amazing website already informing the public about upcoming music events that are happening all around London. Having them on twitter definitely helps a lot too, especially when they all about helping to find fun.

4. Purple PR (@PurplePRMusic): With 10,500 followers and just as many tweets, why wouldn’t you trust this company. Letting their fans know about what’s the next big thing, including their PurplePR competition and much, much more!following

5. London Musicals (@london_musicals): I personally love watching musicals and  being able to find out about what’s happening in the musical theater world of London is definitely beneficial for me. They might still be new to Twitter and haven’t really posted much, but there’s always hope that they’ll continue to grow their social media campaign through twitter.


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