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Amazing Harpist at Leicester Square Tube Station

Have You Ever Heard the Harp?

There’s just something about the musical harp that makes me so relaxed. From the plucking of the strings, the harp emits a serene sound that, for some reason, soothes my soul. No matter what song is played on the harp, the tonality of its melodic tune seems to give off a sense of comfort, a sense of tranquility that it feels as if I were getting a full body massage and  my whole, soul all of a sudden, falls into a deep relaxing sensation that all burdens, all cares just seem to float away.

But the harp isn’t one of those ordinary instruments that you see so many people playing. And it definitely puzzles me to see a harpist playing music as I take to the tube stations of London. Seeing a harpist playing serene songs as I rush to get on the tube to reach my next destination creates an unusually experience for me, an experience I know I’ll never forget.

As I made my way to the Leicester Square tube station from the King’s Cross St. Pancras station, I come to a surprise of seeing a harpist playing his instrument. And it isn’t any random song that i don’t know that I hear him playing. No, the song is very familiar to me. The song this harpist is playing is My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. This song that’s become famous after the movie, Titanic, is being played at the Leicester Tube Station. And all I can do is stop and appreciate this beautiful song as each string on the harp is plucked in an amazing way that I, myself, cannot explain. I, all of a sudden, feel moved by the music and become almost entranced by the melodic tune that it brings back so many different memories of when I was younger and I heard the song for the first time. It almost feels so unreal to me.

This harpist at the Leicester Tube Station is playing. And I know I’ve seen him a few times before playing in the same spot at the same station, but for the first time, I become so fascinated by how he plays that it makes me a little envious that he creates such a beautiful and serene sound that my voice can not even come close to making.

If the harp can create such a beautiful sound, then it makes me want to work even harder to transform my own voice to create the same instilling sensation.

And it’s because of this experience that makes me appreciate how amazing the harp really is and how, even in a busy world, a harp can create a relaxing atmosphere that can make me forget about all the stress and all the worries I carry on my back each and every day.


One comment on “Amazing Harpist at Leicester Square Tube Station

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