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The Start of a Musical Discovery

A Musical Expedition within the Streets of London

As I walk around London (mainly to get familiar with my surroundings after leaving my own comfort zone which I called home for 22 years-the Bay Area of Northern California), I become amazed by the various people that walk the streets. With so many people from all walks of life roaming the streets of London, it truly is remarkable that all these people can cohabitate in the Europe city. It almost reminds me of the United States is, more specifically San Francisco, CA and how a diverse population of people co-exists in that California hub.

But what amazes me more is the amount of talent that exists on the streets of London. And when I talk about talent, I mean the number of musically talented individuals who perform on the streets of London, in the numerous tube stations, etc. These individuals have amazing talents, amazing gifts that most people overlook as passerbyers end up walking past them as if they don’t exist. But I notice them. I notice the amazing musical talents that these performers have and even more so, I want to acknowledge the bravery these people emit as they leave themselves vulnerable performing on the streets.

So what?

Singing has always been a passion of mine. From the age of 3, I’ve been immersed in a wide range of music, whether it be using musical instruments to make melodies and harmonies or it being me using my own voice to make music, music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve even had so many opportunities to perform on so many different stages within my own community and even perform for different sized audiences, both small and large. But I’ve never challenged myself to go outside my comfort zone to just sing on the streets and leave myself vulnerable to complete strangers who aren’t expecting to see experience random musical performances as they make their way to work or school. It takes a lot of bravery to do this and it is because of this bravery that I want to acknowledge these musical individuals.

And it’s because of this lack of experience I have for not performing on the “street stage” that I feel I can learn so much from these individuals. Barry Bond, San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball Player, say it best the process of learning from others: “I never stop looking for things to try and make myself better.” And this is what I’m trying to do; expand on my own musicality by learning from so many others, especially those who experience performing for others in a way that I don’t feel comfortable doing myself.

So My Musical Expedition Begins

And it’s because of the musically talented that exists on the streets, especially within the streets of London, I feel I can learn so much from as long as I give them spotlight and allow them, at least just this once, to finally have their voices be heard and not end up being just another passerby-er experience that most people don’t even notice at all. It’s for these talented individuals, duos, trios, or even groups that it’s finally time to start a London Street Musical Expedition and finally uncover the hidden talents that are embedded within the streets of London.


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