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Live Music Near Waterloo Bridge

Live Clarinet Player and People Dancing at Waterloo Bridge


One of the reasons why I’m going to miss London is because of experiences like this! My friend and I walk out of the Wahaca Restaurant at Waterloo Bridge! We just finished our dinner and had the opportunity to enjoy a live clarinet player as well as a crowd of people dancing and enjoying the vibe of the night! This was definitely one of the best ways to end our eventful night! We came to see The Fire Garden show at the National Theater, went to eat dinner and then are greeted with this scene! Definitely a great night!

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The Passerby Perspective

What do people think about Busking?

As the Summer Olympics 2012 approach fast, the streets of London will be filled with people from all over the world. They will have the chance to be exposed to world of busking as they ride the tubes from location to location around London. But before they arrive, it’s important to know what people already in London feel about the busking that goes on in London’s Underground Transportation System.



In a recent interview, one woman said:

I love them. They make my daily mundane routine more amusing because I’m exposed to something I’m not expecting. They’re quite different from the music I normally listen to. For example, who would have thought that I can just hop right of the tube and hear a harpist playing his music? And the harp is not something you seen people on the streets playing on a daily basis.”

In another interview, a young man said:

It’s literally something that I never really thought about or noticed. Of course I noticed them before when I first started riding the tube but then I stopped noticing after a while. They’re always there. They great musicians.”

Finally, in one interview with a visiting couple from the US:

“It reminds me of home. I see people playing music all the time. When I get off BART –our underground transportation system– we hear people playing music before we even get to the top of the escalators. They’re good back home but it’s different here.”

With so many people from all over the world coming to the streets of London, the busking world will be more and more exposed as the harpist and so many other musicians get the exposure they’ve been waiting for.

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A Thing About Busking

What’s Happening to Busking?

While many are either watching Euro 2012 matches between European countries or following the status of Greece and their position in the EU, changesSince the beginning of the underground transportation system, busking has given the people of London a chance to hear music of all sorts. However, a few years ago, busking has become a highly regulated system in which performers now have their musical opportunities limited. Below is a video about the real life of busking and what really goes on in the lives of the buskers: 

From past to present, busking has been able to exist despite how regulated it has become. With over 300 people trying to get into the underground transportation world, busking has become a lot harder and a lot more stressful than it has been, leaving more and more people lacking the motivation to carry on a legacy that has been around since the beginning.

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Who to Follow with Music

Top Twitter Music Tweeters:

With so many artists using Twitter to keep in touch with their fans has definitely strengthened the engagement process. But when it comes to finding out information about the London Music scene, Twitter can help with that, too. Here’s a list of my favorite Twitter accounts I follow to make sure I’m in the know of London Music:

1. London Music News (@LDNmusic): Providing all the latest news, reviews and gossip from the London music scene.

2. London Music Hall (@londonmusichall): Being able to follow a venue that has held so many different events with so many famous artists, why wouldn’t you want to know who’s going to be performing there next? With artists like NOFX, Afrojack, J. Cole and so many more having had performed here, it’s my way of getting to see who’s next up!

3. Time Out Music (@TimeOutMusic):  First of all, they have an amazing website already informing the public about upcoming music events that are happening all around London. Having them on twitter definitely helps a lot too, especially when they all about helping to find fun.

4. Purple PR (@PurplePRMusic): With 10,500 followers and just as many tweets, why wouldn’t you trust this company. Letting their fans know about what’s the next big thing, including their PurplePR competition and much, much more!following

5. London Musicals (@london_musicals): I personally love watching musicals and  being able to find out about what’s happening in the musical theater world of London is definitely beneficial for me. They might still be new to Twitter and haven’t really posted much, but there’s always hope that they’ll continue to grow their social media campaign through twitter.

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Just Like the Movie

Remember the movie August Rush?

Have you ever seen the movie August Rush? It’s a story of a young musical prodigy with a unique way of portraying his music. One of the scenes in the movie shows the main character, August, playing the guitar in a slapping manner. It’s not the typical way of playing the guitar but it definitely shows the various ways of playing the instrument. Well, while everyone else is busy watching the Euro 2012 matches, I was watching different youtube clips of Buskers from all over London, and then I came across this video:

Seeing it in a movie is one thing but one on gets to experience this way of playing in real life, it gives a different perspective. Still, though I’m still watching this form of playing the guitar through video, it still amazes me how different and beautiful this form of guitar play really is. Just goes to show how versatile instruments can be played. This has to be one of my favorite  buskers of all time even though I never really had the chance to see it in real life.

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Great Music in London

Lately, there’s been so much going on in London. Chelsea won their football game a few weeks back against Munich to win the Champions League, the results for Greece and whether or not their going to stay in the EU after elections and  so much more has been stirring up and taken over the street talks of London and Europe. But with so much going on in our own lives, sometimes we just need a break from life.

So why not check out some of these amazing events taking place around the city of London:

Terry Reid

When: Wednesday 13 June 2012
Where: Jazz Cafe5 Parkway, NW1 7PG
According to TimeOut:
Legendary late ’60s, blue-eyed Brit soul singer, perhaps best known for his samba influenced blues-rock masterpiece ‘The River’ and for turning down Jimmy Page’s invitation to be his vocalist, instead recommending a young man named Robert Plant. He’s still going strong, complete with chill inducing voice and the stage presence of a man half his age.
When: June 14-24
Where: Hampton Court PalaceEast Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9AU
According to TimeOut:
Liza Minnelli (Jun 14), Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra (Jun 15), Van Morrison (Jun 17), Squeeze (Jun 19), James Morrison (Jun 20), Caro Emerald (Jun 21), Katie Melua (Jun 22), Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons (Jun 23), John Barrowman (Jun 24). In spite of the recession the original picnic festival, where MOR artists perform to men and women chowing down on canapes, gets even posher this year, offering VIP packages and Carluccio picnic baskets. For your money, you’ll get to see acts that are of course big players in the music industry.
When: June 15-17
Where: Victoria Park, Victoria Park Rd, London, E9 7BT
According to TimeOut:Hot Chip, Crystal Castles, Toddla T Sound System, Magnetic Man, P Money, (Fri); Kelis,, Emeli Sandé, Friendly Fires, Little Dragon (Sat); Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Lana Del Rey, Chic feat Nile Rodgers, Groove Armada, Mika, Holly Johnson, Sam Sparro, Azari & III, Niki And The Dove, The Rapture, James Murphy and Pat Mahoney – Special Disco Version (Sun); plus Crystal Fighters, Maverick Sabre, Devlin, Rita Ora, Stooshe, Delilah, Dot Rotten, Saint Saviour. It’s difficult to remember what hanging out in the park feels like at the moment, but think warming thoughts and before you know it, it’ll be time for the Lovebox weekender, which this year turns 10 and comes a month earlier with another brilliant line-up that combines the best of UK bass, the freshest underground DJs, partytastic electronic live acts, upfront rappers, camp pop divas and some of the best names the London nightlife scene has to offer taking over its myriad themed stages, tents and arenas. Friday goes for cutting edge urban producers, with takeovers from Digital Soundboy, Hessle Audio and flagship London radio station Rinse FM. Saturday, meanwhile, boasts an eclectic and tropical mix featuring Hospital Records, the Crosstown Rebels crew and, on the main stage, some of the world’s best female pop talent in Kelis and Emeli Sandé (and, on Sunday, Del Rey). Expect Sunday – Lovebox’s effervescent ‘gay day’, this year commanded by the iconic new wave/reggae majesty known as Grace Jones – to have some of the biggest names in disco including Optimo and Horse Meat Disco taking over its legendary, tranny-filled NYC Downlow space and an area hosted by east London’s favourite gay haunt, Dalston Superstore. 
 There’s so many different events going on in and around London so let’s enjoy the weekend and all the music London has to offer. For more information on other musical performaces, visit Time Out’s website.
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To Busk or Not to Busk?

Have you ever heard the term “busking”? In this busy world of Euro 2012, we don’t always understand what’s going on. But, if you’ve ever taken the tube anywhere in London, you’ve probably experienced someone busking as you made your way to your platform to catch your train.

Busking, according to Wikipedia:

is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities, which are generally in the form of money and edibles. People engaging in this practice are called street performers, buskers, street musicians, minstrels, or troubadours.”

While these legalized street performers tend to be part of our every day lives as we hop on the tube every mornin

g just to get to school or work, and then as we make our way back home after a long day, we don’t ever really know the difficulties behind having the opportunity to busk. With so many regulations in place, busking has become another world that we aren’t always aware of. And it’s interesting what each busker has to go through in order to get their license to busk. The TFL website has it’s own page regarding busking and it’s an interesting look over to understand what each busker has to go through in order to do what they love to do; Share their music with the world.